Monday, January 19, 2009

Why We Love Uncles

My brother, Uncle Nommy comes over about once a week to hang out with the girls and fill his belly with whatever leftovers may be hiding in my fridge. It has become a ritual that he gets here about 10 minutes before the bus arrives to pick up Mae, so he's got time to chat with her and get an update on the latest illness running through our house before he scoops her up and hauls her outside to the bus.

My other brother, Uncle Skunkle called me the other night, which in itself is a special occasion. I usually only hear from him if he needs something. Things I think he should know like Mom's birthday, Grandma and Grandpa's phone number or at least write down and keep in... oh I don't know, maybe an address book. The other night he called for a recipe, if you call boiling a dozen eggs, a recipe. As I heard the gas stove click in the background, I asked myself, is this a good idea? The image of him exploding eggs in the microwave during a culinary experiment sometime in the early 90s ran through my head. Oh well, he's a grown man and for crying out loud wears a suit to work everyday.

And lastly, Uncle Goo-Goo, hubby's brother. Oh, too much to say about him. He emailed the other day from a part of the country that I know too well, and in the winter that's a bad thing. He sent along a photo of the thermometer in his truck to prove that indeed the Minnesota/ North Dakota border is the coldest place to be this time of year. Duh! Well, he can keep his -40 degree temperatures, and trust that in 6 months Minnesota will again look like this:

Uncles are a different breed of man. All 3 love their nieces to pieces! Gotta love that!
***after this great description, anyone looking for a man? All 3 are single.***

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