Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Stink Eye. Scratch That, I Mean Pink Eye

After a whole week of healthy children (too good to be true in Jan.) Mae woke up yesterday without the ability to open her eyes. Ready, set, panic. "Mahhhhhmmeeeee!" Both eyes were so crusted over, I had to hold a warm washcloth over her face until the crust melted (I know TMI, but come on. Haven't we all been there?) I was convinced that she had yet another sinus infection gone wild, so I called the clinic, and by luck (obviously not mine) her doc. happened to have a 9:45 opening. No way, this never happens. I usually get, "how does tomorrow sound?" Then fight with the nurse to give me someone other than the always available, not so hot doc.

Her regular pediatrician walks in the room with those sympathetic mommy eyes and says "lets just hope that this is pink eye and not another sinus infection." Not necessarily comforting words, considering she won't be instilling 2 drops per eye three times daily, but I'll take the eye drops over the heavy duty antibiotic that we're used to. Doc was right as always, and off we went to the pharmacy. While waiting for the slowest pharmacist ever, my youngest, sweet Binny intentionally sticks her foot out in front of an elderly (I think she may have also been blind) woman who didn't speak any English, so when I apologized and simultaneously grabbed Binny by the arm to reprimand her, the woman just snarled and shuffled off. Sorry, old lady.

Today is Mae's turn to bring the snack for the entire class. So, if she's still crusty-eyed when she wakes up this morning, I know what we'll be eating for the next 4 days.

Yeah, that's right, blueberry muffins from scratch. Only because I have a shitload of blueberries in the freezer and not enough string cheese for the whole class.


Rachel said...

Yikes. My littlest one has had crusty eyes for a few days, too. I haven't worried TOO much about it, I thought for pinkeye, the whites of the eyes had to be affected?

OMG. When my oldest was a tot, she once ran right in front of a disabled person and made him fall down in a store. I wanted to die!

The muffins look delicious! Send some my way if they don't make it to school today, would you?

Out in Them Sticks said...

poor thing! hope mae mae is feeling better tomorrow.

Wild Child said...

Ick, and I have soooo been there. We got that over earlier this year (knock wood). I think I have frozen blueberries that need to be used sometime. Good plan, as long as they got to school.

Aliceson said...

she made it to school with the muffins, and much to my surprise there was only 1 left after school. Usually when I send a snack with fruit or veggies in it, I get a lot of returns. Funny, that never happens when I send cookies.