Sunday, December 7, 2008

Binny's getting married

This was the conversation Binny and I shared the other day while baking Christmas cookies.

Binny: I'm gonna marry Daddy when I get older.

Me: Oh really?

Binny: Uh-huh

Me: Well, Daddy's already married to mommy

Binny: Oh, can I marry uncle Tommy or Uncle Ben?

Me: I suppose, they'll probably still be available by then. What about uncle Keith?"

Binny: No, he only lives in a compartment, that's not enough room for me.


skyewriter said...

I once lived in a compartment. I shared it with six other people, too, for summer jobs. Needless to say, we only slept and showered there (in the one gross bathroom none of us four girls would clean up after the 3 slobby guys). Eww, I always have lots of Comet on hand now.

Hope you have a great Sunday.

Middle Aged Woman said...

Girl's gotta have her priorities.

Aliceson said...

Uncle Keith's compartment is no gem. True bachelor. He called me last week to ask how to rid his kitchen of fruit flies. my response to him was "find whatever is rotting and shit-can it."

Silly vegetarian!