Monday, December 29, 2008

Toy Purge

I couldn't take it anymore. Christmas vomited all over my living room. Barbie dolls, games, balls, balloons, arts and crafts, puzzles (7 to be exact) all covering the floor and making living in the room with that name impossible... so we went through all of the old toys in the toy box and every other place my children had stashed them and started pitching. Mega blocks- gone. Ripped dress-up clothes- gone. Thomas the train set- gone.

As hubby was going through the dress-up junk, he came across a plethora of purses and decided to slim down the pack to 3. Now you would think that this would be an easy task for a man, but no, not so.

Hubby: "Which should I keep"

Me: "pitch 'em all"

Hubby: "Well, they should have a few to play with"

Me: "OK, you decide"

Hubby: "This one's Nine West, That's good right"

Me: "Do you even know what that means"

Hubby: "No, but it's labeled 4 times, it must be

Me: "Get rid of it!"

Finally, I have my living room back.


True Blue Texan said...

Ah, yes. I remember those days. Just how many Happy Meal toys does one kid need? I don't know how many of those damn things I tossed before they finally outgrew them. One day, they will be old enough that you can just toss their crap in their room and let them deal with it. Then close the door.

Sidhe said...

I'm envious! I sometimes just place a box outside my son's door and say "anything you don't want throw in here!" the only real progress that has been made was a box full of stuffed animals this past November (ah! It still feels good). You've inspired me to try it again!

Aliceson said...

McDonald's toys and stuffed animals are the worst.

Feels good to throw crap away.

AmyG said...

LOL at your husband! We did this the weekend before Christmas. It felt good! We got rid of 2 bags full of toys.

Anonymous said...

I haven't gotten the stage where I need to purge just yet... but I'm looking forward to it! our house is way too small for all that junk!!

skyewriter said...

Ahhhhh-- doesn't that feel better?

Sometimes it seems like the only time I get rid of the crap is when I move. Trying to change that-- on NY's resolution list :)

Wild Child said...

LOL, my SAH husband would totally be with you on that. However, it is time to purge, but when I suggest that we put the Little People up for sale, dear daughter is all weepy and "I still like it." And she doesn't want her brother to get rid of the Thomas stuff yet. Sheesh.

True Blue Texan said...

You've been tagged.

skyewriter said...

Tag, Aliceson!
Sorry true blue, I'm doubling up on a couple of your tags; I was slow, slow slow on the draw.