Monday, December 22, 2008

Curly Cute

Mae's Elementary school was supposed to have their Christmas program last Friday, but we ended up with 10 inches of snow instead. The school sent a note home last week saying that if school is cancelled on Friday the Christmas program would be on Monday.
This morning I answered a robo-call from the school district saying that school would be 2 hours late today because of the still nasty weather outside. Then, right before the bus came to get Mae, we received another robo-call saying that the Christmas program would be rescheduled for Jan. 9. After Christmas?!!!!

Mae was so looking forward to it and had been practicing her songs all weekend in anticipation. Even asked me to make her hair curly cute.


Wild Child said...

Bummer. We were off today anyway and our school had all their Christmas partying done on Thursday, because they knew the snow was coming Friday. Stay warm!

AmyG said...

Aww... the curls are adorable, though!