Monday, December 1, 2008

Look out Jiffy Lube, you've got Competition

Every girl should know how to change her own oil!

After my children+shopping= parenting nightmare, my husband must have felt bad for me, so he and Mae spent almost the entire Saturday together. They weren't doing little girl things. No no, they were changing oil and replacing the brakes on the truck. Good times! Both of my girls love spending time "helping daddy" and good for them! I think it's great that they can learn how things work and how to fix them, and who knows if auto repair will still be in the school budget when my kids are older.

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skyewriter said...

I used to help my dad change the oil when I was little. It helps to know where the dipstick is when you're 16 and driving a used car like I did.

My dad still changes his oil; he's 80, has had knee and hip replacements, but refuses to pay someone else to do it "because they don't ever get all the old oil out--they do it too fast. It's better if sits overnight."

Hope you managed to stay warm and dry despite the snow; I'm jealous, we only got a couple of inches. :(