Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tree Shopping

Yesterday we cut down our Christmas tree. Yes that's right we cut down a perfectly healthy, carbon dioxide absorbing tree, to display in our house then discard to the burn pile behind our barn after New Years.

For the past several years we have cut down trees from my in-laws fields of thousands of spruce trees. The first few years, the trees were really small and spindly, but this year and last year we have had a hard time finding trees that are small enough to fit in our teeny living room. The trees look a lot different in the house than they do out in the middle of 80 acres.
We haven't decorated the tree yet , but it's standing tall and beautiful in my living room just waiting for lights and ornaments, and smells fantastic!
Thank goodness for cordless sawzalls and 4 wheel drive.


skyewriter said...

Hope you have, are having, had fun decorating your pretty tree. Look forward to seeing pics!

jdg said...

love it!