Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Jump In Bed And Cover Your Head...

'cause Santa Clause comes tonight!
Christmas Eve, the big day for us. Tonight is the annual holiday party here at our house. My family has had a long standing Christmas Eve tradition, changed for the better when my children entered the picture. Now we generally have the shindig at my house and Santa himself shows up during the evening to drop off presents to the good boys and girls that happen to be waiting for him, ever so patiently of course, in my living room.

Every year one of the kids (usually Binny) cries when placed on Santa's lap and won't calm down until Santa is just a pile of red clothes back in the bag, ready for next year. Even the lure of presents and not just clothes, but real toys from Santa's workshop isn't enough to pull Binny out of her sniff, sniff, sniff "I don't want any toys, I want my MOM-MEEE" chant that lasts until Mae tears open a gift and dad starts loading batteries. Then Binny, with assistance will start opening her gifts and get on with the fun that is Christmas, and then this mommy can finally relax and maybe have a glass of champagne.

last year

My house is still a mess, none of the food prepared except 9 kinds of cookies and truffles (not plated yet), and more snow on the way today. Hubby went to work today and hopefully will be home with enough time to clean the driveway and maybe help me out before my house is bombarded with bachelor men who don't know the first thing about arranging a cheese plate.

My baking

(Left to right from the top)

Irish creme truffles, mint truffles, peanut butter blossoms, mint spritz christmas trees, gingerbread men, raspberry truffles, chocolate crackles (hubby's favorite) chocolate pinwheels, cherry coconut bon bons.

I usually give the cookies out as gifts to the girls' teachers, bus drivers, the crazy farmer I work for, uncles, and of course to Santa, with plenty left for a couple of big cookie trays for tonight and tomorrow.
I wish all in blogland a very happy holiday filled with family, love, lots of food, and hopefully you're all on Santa's good list.


AmyG said...

The cookies & such look very yummy!! Have a great time tonight!

Merry Christmas!!

Sidhe said...

Okay, the cookies and truffles look absolutely delish. Pack up the car kids we're heading to Wisconsin!

Wild Child said...

Wow, you're on your way to rivaling my grandmother, who used to make no less than 20 kinds of cookies for all of us showing up at her house, when she was younger. She's now 90, still lives on her farm, but gets around a lot slower now.

Looks like you had a merry evening.