Monday, December 8, 2008

Why My Hubby Loves Me

Several months ago my husband started talking about getting an ipod. That would be my cue to purchase, load and whatever else you do to an ipod and hand it to him- ready to go. Easy right? So, I order one direct from Apple, complete with his name and phone # engraved on the back in case it gets lost, but shit, it's an ipod and once it's gone, it's gone. I imported many of his cds and many more (shhhh) of mine, and downloaded a few choice podcasts. I'm a sucker for "This American Life" and a friend turned me on to "The Savage Love Podcast" which by the way is not appropriate listening while driving the kids to school, uncomfortable questions sure to follow. "Mom, what's a 3-way?"

While searching on itunes for other podcasts, I came across one called "Hot For Words" with the word clean behind it, honest right? From the description I assumed it was a program about words and definitions, and actually downloaded it for my husband who is, one day at a time trying to make himself sound like he learned the English language from books and not conversations from the barn. I had not seen the podcast (yes it's a video podcast) and kind forgot about it, until last week.

My hubby comes home from work and says "Honey, you just made me the hit of the job site." Now usually that means I sent along some great cookies but no, evidently I sent him to work with soft porn. Oh yeah, that's me the big porn watcher. I think I was 20 before I had seen a real pornographic movie, and I think I laughed more than I was aroused. So I said " I gotta see this" and charged straight for the computer, hubby following close behind because god forbid he miss an opportunity to watch a barely dressed woman define words.

This is what I saw:

Do you think the guy asking the question was trying to impress the hot for words goddess with the bottles of booze lined up behind him and the ever attractive basketball jersey? Now that's hot.


AmyG said...

First off, I can't believe she's trying to teach, when I couldn't understand half of what she was saying, because of her accent....

And apparently, guys really don't care, because they aren't even listening to a word she's saying! LOL

skyewriter said...

God, you are funny. I cried I laughed so hard!

Happy Monday.

True Blue Texan said...

Wow, lessons in English from a scantily clad Russian. What's not to love! If you're a guy ; )