Sunday, December 21, 2008

Like A Heat Wave

Except bitterly cold.

I know I must seem like a broken record with all this talk of cold and snow and cold and more snow, but really this is quite remarkable. The wind is straight out of the west today at about 30 mph making the wind chill a very cold
-35. The temperature alone makes me shiver, but add 4 inches of fresh snow to that and we've got a full blown blizzard. Endless entertainment for us inside the house, watching 4 wheel drive trucks get stuck on our raod which happens to be a state highway, so the road is usaully in pretty good shape. Well, not today. From our kitchen window we witnessed this.
The barely visible bump behind the truck is the driver trying to shovel out the tires.
Then the plow truck came

and proceded to get stuck
Then the big- only in emergencies Oshkosh truck with huge concrete weights on the back came to plow out the first plow truck.
Again unsuccessful
So the grader came and pulled them both out

Then hubby decided to go clean up our yard

This was the drift in front of our shed. I would guess 7 feet tall and about 20 feet long.

And, Oliver FINALLY got a much needed haircut the other day.

Not happy about it

Hiding under the shower curtain

Today, after a quick pee


Sidhe said...

Oh, I feel it too! It's snowed non-stop here today, the snow is banked up against our kitchen windows about a foot above the sills. I had to run out and get some cough syrup for my husband today and the visibility is horrible, especially near the lake. We scrapped our plans for a real tree and put up a little silver number that's older than my husband (seriously cute-I'm going to have to take some pictures and blog them:-)). Take care & stay warm!

AmyG said...

Holy cow, that's a lot of snow! And a big mess!

Your puppy is adorable! ;o)

Stay warm & safe!

True Blue Texan said...

Here in Texas we reached nearly 80 yesterday but a cold front came through last night and we're down to 36 currently. Not as cold as y'all but at least you know what season it is. The forecasted high for Christmas Day is 72. Hope you stay warm and safe.

Out in Them Sticks said...

Love the pics. That's INSANE!!! I take it no one is going anywhere for the next couple of days?

We think the fire detectors aren't getting electricity to them at all. Nick tried to see if he could hook up a lighting fixture with it. It didn't light up. He also tried a mulitmeter, nothing is going on. This all could have been avoided. The home inspector noticed they weren't working when we bought the house, but my hubby was like, "oh, they just need new batteries, we'll fix that, no biggie." I believe I replied, "if it was that easy, why not make sure they fix them?" Basically, it's a big pain in the ass. I convinced Nick to get some battery only back-ups today for peace of mine until we get someone out here. Bleh!

Have you seen Sara lately? Make sure you give her a big hug for us.

Middle Aged Woman said...

We got ten inches an lots of blowing yesterday. That doesn't sound right, does it?

Aliceson said...

MAW- You are too funny!