Thursday, December 11, 2008

No wonder GM is failing

I have a lot of mixed feelings about the huge, expensive, may not help a damn bit Automaker bailout. I feel horrible for the families who depend on these jobs and trusted the union to make the right decisions on their behalf. But if Washington decides to hand them a fat stack of our money there had better be some changes, because their cars kind of suck.

When I was pregnant with Mae I was driving a 2 door Cadillac Eldorado, which I loved so much but certainly was not practical for me to be hoisting a baby carseat into the backseat of the thing on a daily basis, not happening. So, we decided that we should look for a new car. We decided against used because I really wanted the factory warranty especially with a new baby and unpredictable winters. Plus after a year of driving a fancy, schmancy Cadillac there were a few features I wasn't willing to give up; like traction control, heated seats, keyless entry, radio that stays on until you open the door (don't ask me why, but that is one of the best non-necessary features a car can have). We looked at so many cars and finally decided to buy American and get a piece of crap Chevy Impala. I really didn't like the Impala, I kind of thought of it as an old lady car, but it was the most practical for us with the options I clearly can't live without.

You would think that a new car would be great, work properly, easy right? Of course not. I had that thing into the dealership on an almost monthly basis for small stuff and major problems, every time the dealership just waved me off, and fixed the car only for it to happen again. The engine uses about 2 quarts of oil between changes. "Oh, that's normal Ma'am." The heater blower went out, they replaced it but it still rattles like my kids stuffed a McDonald's toy in it. The damn thing won't restart if it's been running, turned off then try to start again (like when I pump gas). The dealership wouldn't even give me a reason why that happens, just told me to hold the key longer. THAT'S NOT A SOLUTION, DUMB-ASS. So of course after the warranty ran out the damn thing broke down and we were forced to spend $1200 on sensors and whatever else failed. My way too expensive, piece of junk car is currently working but for how long?

Which brings me to today. My husband got a new company service van (he's an electrician) about a month ago and has had a lot of problems with it. This Chevy van was slightly used with only 8,000 miles on it and now has developed a starting problem, and the transmission intermittently refuses to shift. It still smells new, but won't start. What gives? He took my car to work this morning, hopefully he doesn't need any of his big tools and hopefully I don't need to go anywhere. The only other vehicle we have is our older Chevy pick-up with no exhaust and a bad engine.

Not making friends with American Automakers today. I shouldn't say that they are all bad, but Chevy/ GM definitely needs to take a look at the quality and construction of their vehicles.


skyewriter said...

Isn't it funny that all they are concerned about is their bottom line, but they are oblivious to the fact that their bottom line depends on the quality of their products?

Oh, why we are made to suffer such fools!

True Blue Texan said...

There's a reason Americans buy more foreign cars than ones from the Big 3. And that reason is that foreign cars are better. Better quality. Better gas mileage. Better resale.

When the Big 3 accept that they've been producing a mediocre product for years and start making changes,then they'll be worthy of the 15 BILLION we're about to throw at them.

Until then it's just putting htem on life support.