Friday, December 19, 2008

Another Snow Day

This is getting ridiculous. Winter hasn't officially begun yet and we've had an entire winter's worth of snow already. Today was supposed to be Mae's Christmas performance at school. Cancelled just like everything else and resceduled for Monday, if we don't have another snowstorm. I always remember snow days being fun. Play outside in the snow, watch "The Price is Right," eat junk food. But with my own children these days seem much different. The weather is much too nasty for playing outside, the TV doesn't seem to be entertaining enough, and I have trouble keeping up with their messy activities, mostly the glitter and glue crafts.
Instead of glitter and glue to keep them busy, I had the girls stuff and stamp the Christmas card envelopes.

Kept them busy for a whole hour.


Wild Child said...

There you go, a little child labor never hurt anyone! LOL

Sidhe said...

These snow days have gotten out of control! We sent our kids to school yesterday only to have them come back home at 11:30...I'm making my son clean the house today since he doesn't want to go outside (that'll teach him!).