Saturday, December 20, 2008

This Winter Is Making Us Skinny

Yeah, that's right, skinny. After all of the shoveling and trudging through the deep snow all of us will undoubtedly burn more calories than we can consume. Even if you are fortunate enough to have a snow blower, it's still a ton of work to move all of that snow. We use an ATV with a plow blade, and have also used the snow blower to move some of the big drifts. OK, not we, I really don't do a whole lot in the way of snow removal. I plowed once last week so hubby could make it in the driveway with the work van, and this afternoon I ran the plow down the driveway once before I ripped the cable on the blade and walked back to the house thoroughly irritated and wishing for spring.

My hubby is out right now fighting the snow once again to try to get a jump on the 3-5 inches we're expecting tonight, right after he fixes whatever I broke.

Bundle up!


Sidhe said...

I suddenly feel the urge to shovel snow. This could be a real moneymaker, The Secret Workouts of the Midwest. The world is just dying to know the combination of diet and exercise required to maintain the perfect "corn fed" physique.

I really am going outside to shovel snow, I skipped the gym every day last week. Feeling guilty.

Aliceson said...

Who needs the gym when there's snow to shovel? The whole two birds, one stone thing.

Love the "corn fed physique." That's the Midwest alright.

Out in Them Sticks said...

you are too funny! i am thoroughly enjoying your blog! It sounds like y'all are up to your neck in snow. We haven't been so fortunate this year. Usually by now we've been hit at least once with some kind of wintry precipitation. Not so this year.

I love all your SAHM insights. I've done the "career" thing for almost a decade before becoming a SAHM... bullshit is right. We've got jobs... and they're twenty times harder then any other "job" out there!

I am looking forward to my oldest being in preschool (i have another year at least). The two under two thing with my youngest not napping is driving me a little up the wall!

Happy Holidays!! Oh, and does Jesse know anything about fire alarms? We are having a problem with ours and it is making me feel uneasy with the holidays being here and our alarms not working.