Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What's with all of the receipts?

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm getting fed up with all of the garbage that comes shooting out of the cash register every time I make a purchase. You know, the 3+ coupons, and advertising crap the gets shoved in your hand along with the change, coins right on top of the bills of course, so the whole shit can fall on the floor and make a mess. Like I don't have enough going on in the line at the store with 2 girls who almost always need to use the bathroom, and the whole it's cold out thing that doesn't seem to be going away just yet, so while wearing mittens I'm trying wrangle a big wad of paper into my purse without losing the one piece of paper I do want- the actual receipt.

This was the pile of paper garbage from one shopping trip. 3 coupons for Sears and I'm not sure why, I didn't even make a purchase. I paid my Discover card bill, and out comes 3 super-long pieces of paper telling me I can save 10% on Holiday decor, $10 off work boots, and $40 off Treadmills. Is Sears calling me fat?

Besides being extremely wasteful, it's annoying and gives my husband one more chance to call me disorganized because every time I reach in my purse, it's like a ticker tape parade, without the parade, of course.


skyewriter said...

Everytime Tom comes home from the store, he's got a pile of coupons (most from the people who used the self scan before him and didn't bother taking their coupons).

I'm sick of the surveys attached to the bottom of receipts. "Go online. Fill out the customer satisfaction survey. Find the secret code. Put it on this line. Save 1% on your next visit".

Not worth the hassle.

Wild Child said...

I so hear you on the receipts and my biggest pet peeve is that they don't put the change in your hand first and then the bills. If people knew how to count back change anymore, they'd be putting the change in your hands first.

Anonymous said...