Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ice Fishing and the best consolation prize ever

So this morning I decided I would take the girls shopping in the city. I had a 20% coupon for a kids' clothing store and we also stopped at Trader Joe's to pick up a few things not available in our teeny local grocery store. I bought all kinds of ingredients to make pizzas and baked mushrooms tonight. That should be fun and Mae wants to make a cinnamon sugar dessert pizza. We'll see how confident I feel about her slinging flour and cinnamon all over my kitchen. Maybe pics on Monday.

Anyhow, after shopping the girls and I decided to brave the cold and visit Uncle Stu and Uncle Nommy out ice fishing on the lake.

The girls were so excited to witness ice fishing again but when we arrived the guys already had everything set up, so there really wasn't anything to do and no fish were biting the whole time we were there. The guys did catch one fish (a brown trout, if you must know) earlier, so my younger brother hauled the half frozen fish out of the ice shanty and brought it over for the girls to see.

They were quite impressed with the fish but Binny took an extra step back and asked her Uncle if the fish would bite her. She was happy to see it go back in the bag and I was kind of relieved that they didn't catch one when we were there. She isn't scared of our 137 pound Saint Bernard, but small animals freak her out. We stayed for a little while until our fingers started to lose their feeling and Binny had an icicle forming at the end of her drippy nose.

We arrived home and discovered a package in today's mail from Hair of the blog sponsor A Reservation For Six. Rachel must have felt bad for my poor showing in the hair growing contest that she sent a pair of very festive St. Patty's Day socks that will also keep my legs warm.
Binny Modeling

Too fun! Thanks Rachel!! I wonder what Shady Lady received for a consolation prize? Remember she was the one with the very hairy pits...

Mae is out in the shed with Daddy and Uncle Goo-Goo getting dirty helping to accessorize (is that an appropriate word to use when talking about man things?) the new ATV that arrived yesterday. Binny is quietly assembling a puzzle in the living room and A Prairie Home Companion is on the radio. I love Saturdays!


Out in Them Sticks said...

love those cute socks!

Rachel said...

So glad you like the prize! They look adorable on Binny!!!

Sounds like you had a fun, busy day and a delicious dinner planned! Also, I believe the correct term for accessorizing the ATV is "tricking out"?

Shady Lady said...

Wow! It is cold where you live!

I received my consolation prize in the mail today as well. But, you'll just have to wait until I post it to my blog. ;P

P.S. Those socks are awesome!

Debbie said...

I love those socks! Looks like a fun time.

skyewriter said...

I was wondering who won the contest.

What's the next one going to be?

Aliceson said...

Tricking out? Of course!!! Like duh!!

Momma Bear's eyebrows won the Hair Of The Blog. She totally deserved it!!! CHeck 'em out here:

sheila said...

The ice fishing part reminded me of something that happened here a couple weeks ago on Lake Erie when like 150 ice fishermen misread the weather and their ice cracked and they floated out. Major rescue. lol. Anyhow, I loved those pics because I've never been ice fishing. Looks cool. Or cold. Or both :)

LOVE LOVE LOVE Binnys socks! I may have to order those for my girls! SOooooooooooooo cute!

Such Lovely Freckles said...

The socks are cool.

And oh my gosh... it's cold where you are. Blur!!!

Heather said...

Glad I live in California.

Those socks rock!

Anonymous said...

You're brave ladies to go out on that ice!BRRRRRR!

Fiona said...

brrrrr ... I likey the socks!

I gave you an award .... come see!