Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Morning Ritual

This morning I made my customary Sunday morning Irish coffee and realized that I had reached the bottom of my super-sized bottle of Irish Cream liqueur (Thank you Costco). So as not to waste a drop of Irish-y goodness, I recapped the bottle and inverted it so all of the booze sludge could collect in the cap. Well, as I twisted off the cap a terrible thing happened. For some unknown reason maybe I shouldn't have been shaking the bottle when the cap came off, the liquid shot everywhere. I couldn't help but wonder if this was God's way of telling me that I should be at church instead of enjoying a slightly alcoholic hot beverage... Naw, couldn't be, but I do need to add Irish Cream to my shopping list.


Rachel said...

Well, that sucks! I think if my Sunday mornings involved booze, I wouldn't make it to Sunday afternoons!

Middle Aged Woman said...

Next time - pour a bit of coffee into the bottle, then swish it around. All the gooey goodness will come back into your coffee cup when you pour it back.

Aliceson said...

Rachel- Surprisingly Sunday mornings make Sunday afternoons tolerable.

Middle aged Woman- You are a wise soul.