Saturday, February 14, 2009

So It's Valentine's Day

I really don't consider this day an actual holiday, same goes for Sweetest day and Mother's day. Not that I don't think it's great to celebrate the ones you love, but really is a dozen of the crappiest discount roses at jacked up prices really the point?
That said, I should mention that Hubby and I got engaged on V-day 8 years ago. Not because he's real romantic or sweet or even knew it was Valentine's Day. We were both home (living in sin, mind you) and decided to go out for dinner with the rest of the "once a year I really like my partner crowd." After dinner, Hubby (boyfriend at the time) suggested we go look at rings. We had been discussing marriage for a while and were living together, so marriage was obviously the next step. We went to the jewelery shop and looked at a few rings, and he being the indecisive one asked me which one I wanted. I picked out a variety of rings and tried them on (with very shaky hands) and we both decided on a most beautiful engagement/wedding band set. I originally thought I wanted a 1k solitaire but when I saw my teeny tiny (1/4 carat tw.) ring, I knew it was the one. The sales woman couldn't believe her eyes. Apparently she'd never witnessed such a mellow engagement. The ring needed to be sized, so I had to wear it on my middle finger until we sent it off to be cut apart and made smaller to fit my little ring finger, and still it didn't fit so I had to use one of those cheesy ring guards until we got married (six months later) and had the whole thing sized and soldered together. Once we got home he got down on one knee, proposed and slipped the ring on my finger. That was our only extravagant V-day celebration, although we do usually have a nice dinner at home along with a bottle of champagne, not unlike most weekends, or the 2 times we had sex (Mae and Binny).
Now that we have kids, we do celebrate by helping the kids make valentines for their class, but we do it as a fun, family project. The kids usually make their own valentines, but this year Grandma N found these cute little V-day gift bags that we used instead. And I'll have you notice there is not a picture of Hannah Montana on them. Score one for us!
Hope you all get lucky tonight!!!

PS. That's not all, and if I can't tell the Internet, who can I tell? I was so mad today because this morning the crazy farmer called and needed someone to milk the cows tonight and hubby said "Oh sure, I'll send Ali." Well obviously that was the wrong response,as I was just there last night and HATE THAT DAMN PLACE WITH A PURPLE PASSION. I suggested he go and of course he came up with a million excuses not to. As I was huffily getting dressed in my shit-soiled gear, he said "honey, would you like me to go, or stay home and make you a romantic dinner." Well, long story short, he's there and I'm at home preparing dinner for when he gets home.
He really does love me.
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Shady Lady said...

Happy engagement day!

sheila said...

Awe, I loved every bit of that post. Very nice! Happy engagement anniversary! lol.

Out in Them Sticks said...

Mellow engagements are the best... way more meaningful! Happy Engagement Day! :)

Rachel said...

That really IS a romantic story! I hope you both enjoy your VD dinner!!!!

Debbie said...

Your engagement story is so sweet!