Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hair Of The Blog Part 3

Hair of the Blog update time again and I'm feeling better about my leg hair growth. The length of the individual hairs isn't bad, and the density seems to be improving as well. And as long as I'm posting embarrassing photos,

this is all of the crap I pulled out of my purse yesterday. It was to the point that I couldn't find my keys, or phone, or that old bagel from last week.... If you look closely, you will see about a zillion receipts, my phone which is always low on battery and beeping, the car charger for the dead phone, a CD, and a broken plumbing fitting (WTF?). Have you cleaned out your purse lately?


Rachel said...

OMG - Your in-depth analysis of your leg-hair growth is hysterical!

Also, I'm totally jumping on your embarrassing purse-cleaning bandwagon! I know, I still have to get to your 4th photo tag, too. I haven't forgotten!

skyewriter said...

Impressive growth (I never thought I would say that about anything other than financial investments ;).

I haven't cleaned out either of my purses in a very long time.

I'm frightened about what might be lurking in the deep dark corners.

Momma Bear said...

Everytime I click on one of our blogs participating in HOTB, I just start laughing at the pics! I don't even have the time to read, the whole thing is just a hoot and makes laugh everytime!

Okay you've just inspired me with your purse contents. Now if you don't mind i'm going to do that same thing! Oh lord what the hell is in my purse, ahh what about my diaper bag? eek!!

Wild Child said...


I haven't said lately how much your posts brighten my day. Thanks for that. Even though I don't comment every day, I really enjoy them. Giggles all around. And some good serious thinking stuff linking to skyewriter and True Blue.

Hair growth, hmmm...I think you better think growing thoughts cause I don't know if you're going to win. LOL I didn't join the content, because I know I wouldn't have impressive growth at all. I shave the upper parts of my legs like twice a year, so the lower parts aren't all that hairy. I'm not complaining, mind you. Less shaving is nice.

WV=sychwore (when I looked at it I first thought it was sych whore).

Shady Lady said...

Impressive analysis, even more impressive than the growth. ;)

I liked the purse pics. Nice clean out! Alas, my purse is not quite as impressive.

suchlovelyfreckles said...

Ditto on what Rachel said about the analysis of your leg hair. LMAO

As for the purse... I've managed to keep my latest purse fairly clean, which is amazing because I am the Queen of Purse Chaos!!

Kelly said...

The purse cracks me up! When I worked and had my own car and money to spend, my purse looked like that too. Now that we live an "austere" life, my purse is clean as a whistle.

Poverty is good for something!

Riot Kitty said...

Good god, how do you fit all of that in your purse?