Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine Fun

Binny and I made chocolate covered strawberries this morning to give as Valentine gifts to her teachers today at the class Valentine party. Her teacher has been out for over a month recovering from surgery, so Binny wanted to do something special for her on her first day back. Tonight will be a repeat strawberry dipping session with Mae as her Valentine's Day party is tomorrow and also the celebration of the 100th day of school. I've never heard of such a celebration, but whatever sounds like a fun day to me.
Seal of approval
And a chocolate covered strawberry dance

I just had to share this too. Mae checked out an interesting book from the school library. I didn't think that Jane and her pals were still in the Elementary schools teaching budding readers. This Valentine edition dates back to 1956.

check out the teacher's outfit. She's dressed like she should be serving drinks on an airplane, not constructing valentines out of paper and paste. And that teeny tiny hourglass waist? Come on, did women in the 50s really look like that?

Some things never go out of style... or do they? This book was discarded (as noted by the stamp on page 1) by the local public library, but then donated to the school. Lucky for us.


Rachel said...

OMG. The strawberries look delicious. And I'm a little suspicious that that teacher chose VALENTINE'S DAY (a Friday!) to return after a month-long absence. Opportunist. What an adorable apron Binny's wearing! Looks like you guys had fun!

I would burn that book if I were you, lest your girls get the idea that women are anything but thin, accomodating and hairless.

Speaking of... ;)

Remember to get your HOB post up as soon as you can tomorrow so I can post your pic, too. And to link to my blog and encourage all your friends and readers to come vote for you! (I wanted to email this last part to you, you really need to put your email address in your profile!)

WV: "quivers"... ???

skyewriter said...

Have you ever thought of a career as a food photographer for cook books or magazines?

You've got a great eye, girl.

They look scrumptious.

Looking forward to seeing who wins the hair of the blog.

AmyG said...

Love that 2nd picture of Binny, the facial expression cracks me up.

Sidhe said...

Your pics are divine! Looks like you had tons of fun.

That 100 day thing, it's kind of weird, my son had his today and the kids had to bring 100 of something because it's "100 Day" HOORAY! He brought 100 grapes, then complained because I didn't pack him a snack (can't he just eat the grapes?).

Good luck on a HOB win!

Kelly said...

Are those strawberries in her hands or fistfuls of crack? She looks like she might knock over a liquor store for just one more hit of berry.

Mmmm... I might knock over a liquor store for chocolate covered strawberries. Do you deliver?

Aliceson said...

Crack on the inside, chocolate on the outside. What could be better? And I sent her to school that way!!!

Bonnie Domrois said...

Binny is so adorable! As for the 100th day thing, we used to do that every year in grade school. Sometimes we would be allowed to chew gum for 100 minutes or we'd get 100 grams of something sweet. (My first grade teacher was AWESOME at providing such treats.)

Earlier on we used to release 100 helium balloons with letters attatched (Until we found out that releasing helium balloons were bad for the environment). Then people would find the balloons and send us letters or photos back from all over the country.

100th day was huge in my school, sometimes whole days devoted to it.

Ahh, memories.

BTW: Great bathroom, Ali. Photos don't do it justice.

Shady Lady said...

The strawberries look AMAZING! This is one of my most favorite treats. Yum!

sheila said...

Damn! Those strawberries look AWESOME!
Love that book too. LOL. :)

Wild Child said...

How funny! WC #2 just asked me yesterday about making chocolate covered strawberries. Did you guys sneak over here and talk to her?

Where's Dick? How come Jane's friend is Billy? Did she dump him? Maybe his name is considered inappropriate now?

Our 100th day celebration is next week. I think preschoolers and kindergarteners do that, but not much higher up in the school system. We have to send a 100 day snack (100 pretzel sticks from us) and a 100 collection, which I have no idea what to send with her, because she doesn't have 100 of anything. We might try crayons. We might get close with those. Argh.

Anonymous said...

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